We only use products that have a premium product rating and of course a great warranty, we use modules that provide 25 yr. warranties.

Is Illinois good for solar?

Yes, Illinois is good for producing solar power, we can design & size a system to almost eliminate your power utility bill.

How much maintenance is required for solar panels?

In Illinois, not much is needed, the rain and wind will clean the panels as needed. Bird droppings, leaves and dirt that accumulates over time may need to be washed off with a hose, this can be done from the ground. Snow will melt as the panels produce heat, so no snow removal should be necessary.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions .


How many solar panels do I need?

Our design team will do the configuring for you, based upon how much energy you want to save and your budget, we will design a system just right for your needs.


Is a storage battery necessary?

No, the power grid is your battery, however more energy savings can be acquired, with a storage battery. A storage battery can save power during the daytime & be used after the panels quit producing power in the evening.


What steps are required to get a solar system completed?

We will handle all processes for you, just meet with our consultants, we will design a system for your needs, and  sign up.  We have a four step process to install your system. Design, apply, install, inspect. we will do all the work for you.


What happens when we decide to move?

Your system is transferable to whomever purchases your home,  we have  professionals ready to help you sell your solar home and transfer your contract to the new owners. We make it easy to transfer your solar lease agreement and pass along those ridiculously low energy bills to the new owners. We can help with everything from educating realtors and potential buyers to working with escrow officers, title agents, home inspectors, and anyone else who might need to know about your system or solar lease agreement.


Rebates, how do I get them?

Don't worry, the process to acquire them are tedious, we will handle that for you. Our professional consultants will explain all the processes to you before your decision to go solar is completed.


What is an energy credit?

Some call them RECS, SRECS, etc. In Illinois these energy credits are called SRECS, ( Solar Renewable Energy Credit) these are based upon how much energy your system produces. These credits are regulated by each state thru the federal government.  In IL. the credits, are purchased by the power company up front, in a one time purchase, for 15 years of credits for systems less than 10KW. If the system is greater than 10KW then the payments a divided up over four years.  Most states only get a credit once a month and receive no upfront payment from the utility provider. That's why IL. has such good solar rebates, but there is always a catch, as the credits are applied for, by solar installers the  program shrinks and solar credit prices are lowered. Get going today for the best return on a solar investment.

The federal rebate is 30% until the end of 2019, then it shrinks tremendously so get going today, to get the credit system must be installed by the years end.


What's a PPA or solar lease?

A solar lease is similar to a car lease, it just creative financing to lower the upfront costs, a PPA is a Power Purchase Agreement, you are paying a fixed cost, for the power the system produces in Kwh.  In a solar lease, you are renting the use of the system.

The benefits of both a PPA & solar lease are,

a) Zero money down, lower costs to go solar.

b) No worries, No ownership,install,maintenance, monitoring, insurance, warranty issues, peace of mind.

c) Save money from the first day, no wait for system to pay itself off.

d) Payments are lower than your current electric bill, so you are saving instantly.

e) Multiple finance options to maximize your savings and tailor the program to each individual.

f) We apply all rebates to your financing, all savings are passed on to you immediately.


Our professionals can answer any questions for you, call today for your free appointment.